Based in the fruit bowl of South-East Queensland, My Berries only sources the sweetest 100% Australian berries direct from Australian farms.

My Berries

My Berries is owned by Allison and Stuart McGrudy, who only work with quality growers who pride themselves on producing beautiful berries. All My Berries growers have current Freshcare certification, demonstrating that they adopt the highest quality management standards in growing their produce. The standards assure continuous food safety and quality requirements are met on-farm.

With the recent food safety scandals around frozen imported berries, the only safe berry is an Australian berry. My Berries is proud to provide Australians with the best-tasting and best-quality frozen berries on the market.

Their frozen berry range is completely handproduced.

Each berry is carefully hand-picked, washed and frozen before being packaged into  convenient zip-locked pouches. The My Berries range includes raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and mixed berries.

Our Range

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What makes
My Berries
a must-have brand?

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All berries are 100% Australian grown.

Transparent packaging highlights quality of berries.

Berries are sorted and packed by hand, quality first.

Raspberries unique – only frozen Aussie raspberries in market.

The 1kg bags represent fantastic value.

Year round growing ensures continuous ‘freshly frozen’ supply.