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No Ugly

Made in New Zealand, No Ugly is all about getting your body back to gorgeous. This line of functional wellness tonics is the real deal.

We aren’t the typical health drink that’s just ‘not bad for you’ i.e. low sugar or an organic juice (which are sometimes very high in sugar), we deliver actual function. Our philosophy is that “if you are going to drink something, you might as well get something out of it” with the baseline for all our drinks being low-sugar, all-natural, gluten-free and sparkling. From there, each one delivers a specific functional benefit to get your body ‘back to gorgeous’.

No Ugly Skin 10g of French Marine collagen, 88% of your Vitamin C RDI which helps your body make its own collagen and Enzogenol, a super antioxidant, to help transform your skin.

No Ugly Sleep 170mg of magnesium and 1200mg Tart Cherry helps support your melatonin production and helps get you to sleep (created in conjunction with an NBA/NHL sports recovery expert).

No Ugly Immunity with echinacea and manuka honey to help prevent you from getting sick/get better faster.

No Ugly Detox 200mg prickly pear and 125mg of choline to help cleanse your liver.

No Ugly Focus our nootropic drink with blackcurrants to help turn on your brain.

No Ugly Hydrate with 500mg of potassium, this isotonic beverage is full of electrolytes to get you hydrated.

No Ugly Gut bottled with 2 billion CFU’s, this probiotic drink isn’t fermented like kombucha and keeps your gut gorgeous.

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Made in New Zealand.
All-Natural, low sugar, gluten-free and sparkling.
Fibersol-2TM to slow the uptake of sugar in the blood.
Scientifically validated ingredients.