Pepe Saya is Australia’s best-known cultured butter. Chefs and consumers alike love Pepe Saya’s products, and the brand’s popularity is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds.

Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya’s Australian Cultured Butter is made using rich Australian grass-fed cream. The ‘culture’ in his butter is the good bacteria (lactobacillus) which is added to the cream, fermented for 24 hours and left to ripen over 3 weeks.

The cultures eat the sugar (lactose) in the cream and turn it into lactic acid (souring the cream), which adds flavour to the butter and fills it up with probiotics so it’s better for you.

The Pepe Saya brand has grown immensely over the last three years, and is used by some of Australia’s finest restaurants (including Rockpool) and Qantas First and Business Class. Pepe Saya’s butter and ghee is known and loved by the discerning consumer who wishes to purchase an authentic Australian grass-fed, probiotic butter.

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What makes
Pepe Saya
a must-have brand?

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Restaurants using Pepe Saya include Rockpool and St Ali.

Pepe has an excellent media and public profile.

A true Australian butter, not imported!

Grass fed cream, probiotic product.

Huge social media following.