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Zebra Dream

From the first vanilla flavour to an adventurous chocolate miso to a decadent choc peanut butter, we’ve been passionately committed to refining and producing the best plant based dessert that’s dazzling in flavour, yet light and smooth in consistency. Full of swirls, chunks and surprises its pure indulgence at its healthiest.

After years of research and aiming to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, we have relaunched our products with a whole lot of “new”. First to market, our ice-cream (or as we like to call it “frozen desserts” you know, because we are Vegan), is now hemp mylk based! Our delicious creations are also no-added-sugar and high-protein, so all the goodness without compromising on taste. Mmmmm!

Our Range

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What makes
Zebra Dream
a must-have brand?

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High in protein
Low sugar
100% Vegan

100% recyclable tubs